WhatPulse: Fun Statistics About Your Computer User Input!

WhatPulse: Fun Statistics About Your Computer User Input!

WhatPulse is a fun little program I found earlier this week that tracks statistics about how you use your computer in terms of input- your mouse and keyboard habits, to be frank. You can see data concerning what keys you press in a table or heatmap format as well as where on your monitor you click your mouse the most. WhatPulse can also show you how much you typed within a certain time period, and also shows an hour-by-hour analysis.

In a table, it shows mow many times you’ve hit a key or clicked your mouse by application, which, to me, is interesting data. Sometimes the large numbers of keystrokes and clicks are pretty surprising, but at the end of the day, a press of a button or a tap of a key is a pretty miniscule thing that only happens for a small fraction of a second.

Other features include how much you have downloaded or uploaded on a certain network interface, and the uptime of your computer, which is nice to know.

I’ve been using this software for about four days now, I’ll see when I hit the ten million keystrokes mark (I’m currently around 246,000)! Goodbye for now.